Email automation SaaS Triggmine upgrades its services with the latest tech solutions. For the very first time, the whole email marketing industry will go beyond simple mail distribution. Triggmine is going to revolutionize old-fashioned email marketing. E-commerce entrepreneurs no longer need to segment databases and craft email campaigns – all of this […]

SAN DIEGO, March 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — TVPage (, the leading provider of cloud-based interactive video ecommerce technology, today announced the launch of  Influencer Video Affiliate Marketing, a first of its kind branded program that unites brands, products, affiliate marketing, and influencers on the TVPage platform to maximize the impact of […]

CHAMPAIGN, Ill – Matt and Heather talk to Warren Thomas, marketing and events manager at Urbana Business Association, and Natalie Kenny Marquez, owner of Grow Marketing, about revamping marketing and social media strategies. Distinguish your business with effective marketing, solid branding, great PR, and cost-efficient advertising! Join Natalie Kenny Marquez […]