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Social Media Marketing

According to a survey conducted recently, most of the businesses in the United Kingdom alone are using the marketing tool for social media, with the most known reasons for creating awareness among the brand, motivating social sharing, and attaining the follower’s trust and recognition.

Social media has undoubtedly contributed a lot in being an effective sales and marketing channel for many organizations, even though most of the times many firms face a lot of problems in scraping out the most precise ROI.

However, these statistics only accumulate for a small amount of the leads and traffic for B2B websites in the United States as per the data reports suggested by Optify. In total, social media sums up to 2 percent of the traffic in contrast to the 41 percent for the organic search and safe trading guide.

Even when researching and pointing out the essentials of social marketing, I have researched a few examples of B2B organizations that have gained a considerable amount of success in a short span of time using the social media.

According to E-consultancy, B2B marketing is considered as the top category in the digitals, a new award system which identifies the best in commerce and digital marketing. Entries must be submitted in advance though.

Some of the best social media marketing examples in B2B are as follows:

1) Cisco

With the expansion of the videos online, similar to YouTube which has a lot of perspective for efficient social media marketing.

Keeping that in mind, networking provider Cisco may not be that popular in comparison to YouTube for generating a high crowd, but the channel has nearly 50000 subscribers with almost ten views on different videos.

The sole reason for its major success is the type of content Cisco uploads in general, with content uploaded frequently and videos coming in every day.

There are different types of content available including demos of the products, Q&A sessions, and presentations from various events. This proves that it’s helpful for customers, sales tools, which assists the software in attracting more viewers from different platforms.

Apart from all of this, Cisco also uses other social media channels to promote itself through articles and blogs on Facebook and other areas. Its primary objective is to educate and engage audiences in corporate sector through addressing their problems, visibility process in SEO, and driving buzz.

2) Adobe

As part of the inauguration of its Creative Suite and Creative Cloud products, Adobe came up with an idea known as ‘Create Now.’

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The idea was to fulfill the theme of its marketing and branding endeavors and mix it up with both offline and online efforts.

To encourage the launching event, Adobe organized fun-filled activities like a scavenger hunt in different parts of San Francisco. The participants were asked to collect various pieces of puzzles from the balloons scattered around in different places and take them back to the HQ of the company.

The tips for the location and information about the product were shared on different social media platforms like Instagram, Foursquare, and Twitter, with the winner getting $10,000 with a membership for lifetime to the Creative Cloud.

The company dared to organize similar activities online, where the users were to locate different types of clues and information placed across various social networking platforms and websites. These scavenger hunting activities allowed Adobe to generate almost 600 participants on its inauguration day.

Apart from all of this, the company organized a 30-day promotional giveaway on Facebook which attained as much as 15,000 fans and up to 33 million impressions.

3) American Express

A couple of years back American Express started an open forum, a platform giving tips and advice to small business firms and owners.

The website is regularly updated with fresh content including different types of videos, blogs, etc. However, the most talked out thing is the idea hub. Idea hub is a platform that assists its members to share and network their ideas with their fellow industry experts and users.

Within years of its launch, open forum gathered a significant growth, expanding its visitors from 160,000 to almost 15 million by the end of 2016.

The website now attracts millions of visitors monthly and has thousands of members online. With that being said, social media is the most talked out topic on the website.

The open forum is also aided by other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. with its Facebook page attaining millions of fans from all over the world.

4) TippEx

Known for being both B2C and B2B organization, the website is considered as an excellent platform for using social media to attain a wide range of brand and public exposure in the market.

The website used a branded channel on YouTube to design and create an educational campaign where different types of viewers would be able to re-write their story on the screen.

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