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Email Marketing

April 2018

All business owners, managers and marketers know that email marketing is an easy and inexpensive tool to help market your business. However, what may not be as well-known is how to create compelling copy that gets your email recipients to take the action you desire. Here are a few tips to help you write effective copy and increase your marketing return on investment.

  • Be specific. Using phrases that are general in nature, such as “many” or “few” are not as convincing as specific numbers like “482.” Or, instead of describing a piece of equipment as “more efficient,” say it “cuts your project time in half.” Tell the story like it is and your message will be much more believable as opposed to being filled with marketing fluff.
  • Get to the point. Writers often use a lot of non-essential words in their messaging, but in today’s world, people want you to get to the point. Tell your audience up front what you want them to know instead of waiting until the second or third paragraph.
  • Tell them what to do. Your email should intend to drive action — whether it’s a click through to a website, a phone call or a visit to your store. Make your call to action very clear and provide a link, button, or boldface type. Make your call to action a fast find by putting it where it’s seen first.
  • Focus on benefits. Features describe, but benefits sell — and they sell by establishing additional value to the reader. Think about what’s in it for the recipient in order for them to see value in doing business with your store. Maybe it’s your location, customer service or ease of doing business — use it to your advantage.
  • Engage them. Using strong verbs in your subject line, headlines and in the first paragraph will get readers engaged in your message and more likely to take action. Using bullet points and supporting visuals will make it more likely that your message will be read and will also help reinforce your message.
  • Say it over and over. There are multiple ways in which you can say the same thing. Use testimonials, charts or graphs, images and other examples to get your point across without having to rely just on your copy.

Once you have implemented some of these strategies into your email marketing messages, you’ll want to track the results to know whether the adjustments are working. Of course, few marketing efforts are perfect on the first try, so you’ll want to continue to tweak your emails until you find the right mix of tactics that appeal to your audience.

For additional information and resources on marketing, visit Marketing Minutes at These short videos and supporting resources can help American Rental Association (ARA) members develop or enhance marketing initiatives.


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